Why Leaders Hate Black Friday Sales

I have to admit, I hate Black Friday sales and you probably do too.

If you read this blog, you’re a leader. You don’t follow the masses, you chart your own course.

Sure, you like a deal, but you’re smart enough to know that Black Friday sales are mostly just gimmicks.

That big discount on LED TVs is for only a handful of off-brand units in stock. That 30% price reduction on those clothes are just bringing the overly inflated prices back to summer levels.

Nah. You have better things to do than being trampled while trying to save $3 on a WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official Song Puppet. (Yeah, that’s a thing)

Here’s the deal. Leaders don’t fall for gimmicks because they understand value.

Leaders don't fall for gimmicks because they understand value. Click To Tweet

They are willing to spend more if it helps them be successful. They understand ROI – Return on Investment. That’s why most successful leaders, like professional athletes, have a coach. I know I do. (It’s Coach Bru by the way)

Leaders seek wisdom from other successful leaders.

And, leaders are readers!

My bestselling leadership book, I Have the Watch, contains 30 years of leadership wisdom. And for only $12.99, It’s already a tremendous value.

But, even leaders like a deal now and then.

So I offer my “I Hate Black Friday” sale. This 1-day sale is the last discount opportunity for 2019.

Click here and enter code BLACKFRIDAY to get 20% off the price plus free domestic shipping.

Get one for the leader or future leader on your Christmas list. It’s so much better than a Baby Shark puppet.

“Jon hammers home the values of great leadership with excellent examples backed with personal experience. This book is necessary for anyone in a leadership role.” Amazon Customer

My Interview on the Whistle and a Clipboard Podcast

Today I appeared on the Whistle and a Clipboard Podcast to talk about my latest book, I Have the Watch. During this podcast, I talk about the fundamentals of being a leader and the similarities between coaches and leaders.

The Whistle and a Clipboard Podcast with Coach Jason Oates is a coaching community podcast where Jason interviews successful coaches from the past, present, and future to learn from their coaching failures and successes.

This is a great back-and-forth discussion on the importance of leadership and the role of the leader. So, listen in and enjoy my conversation with Jason!

For those of you who have been asking, I Have the Watch is now available on Audible.

I Have the Watch AudioBook Cover