Jon S Rennie

Writer, Speaker, and Co-founder & CEO of Peak Demand Inc.  I served as a U.S. Naval Officer on Nuclear Submarines and have more than 20 years leading industrial businesses in North America.  The most important lesson I’ve learned during these years is that leadership matters.  Leadership can make a significant difference in the performance of any organization.  I’ve written this blog to share my thoughts and insights on business and leadership.  I hope the articles and stories in this blog inspire you to look at leadership in a new light.

I write for Work of Honor, a community of veterans and business professionals committed to combining best in class business and military operational strategies to create a strong economic community.

I also write for LEADX, a digital mixed media company that provides professional knowledge and training for millennials and others who want to achieve their full potential.

Any views expressed in this blog are entirely my own and do not necessarily represent any of the companies I am associated with.




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