Cracking the Cash Flow Code

Cracking the Cash Flow Code with Josh Patrick

Learn how to first make your business successful, then sustainable. We bring thought leaders in who understand what it takes to make your business sustainable. Some of our guests are consultants, others are business owners. All have had experience and success in helping create a business that is personally and economically sustainable.
Join the host Josh Patrick as we learn what you can do to create a business that serves you and the community you serve.

Episode 328: Learn why shared values is the first key to running a sustainable business.

We’re talking with Jon Rennie who is an author and CEO of Peak Demand which provides components for the electric utility industry. You will learn that it is very important to work as a team, no one is more important than anyone else to achieve your mission in your business. How vulnerability and authenticity go together and will help you to make better decisions and to have a mindset to keep pushing yourself to learn and stacking up your skills which will certainly help you in your career.

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