Welcome to another episode of the Deep Leadership Podcast! In today’s insightful discussion, we dive into the world of transformational leadership with a true expert, Dr. Karuna Ramanathan. With almost three decades of experience, including serving as a former Naval warship captain, Dr. Ramanathan shares invaluable perspectives on leadership transformation.

Key Points:

Power to Influence: Dr. Ramanathan emphasizes the significant shift from power to influence in leadership. His naval experience highlights the crucial realization that positional power alone does not guarantee influence. Leaders must understand the art of influencing their teams beyond the authority bestowed upon them.

Narrative’s Role: The conversation delves into the importance of narrative in leadership. Dr. Ramanathan discusses how leaders need to communicate a consistent and compelling story over time. This narrative becomes a powerful tool to engage and influence teams, fostering a shared sense of purpose and direction.

Leadership Lessons from Naval Service: Drawing from his naval captaincy, Dr. Ramanathan shares lessons on building trust in teams. The concept of being trustworthy and building relationships emerges as a cornerstone for effective leadership, whether at sea or in organizational settings.

Coping with Change: In the context of today’s rapidly changing landscape, the discussion extends to the necessity for leaders to cope, adapt, and learn faster than ever. Dr. Ramanathan introduces the idea of transformational leadership not being exclusive to the CEO but a mindset that every individual in the organization can adopt.

As we conclude this episode, the key takeaway is that transformational leadership is not a distant concept; it’s a practical approach applicable to all levels of an organization. Dr. Karuna Ramanathan’s insights provide a roadmap for leaders navigating change, emphasizing the values of respect, empathy, and humility in the workplace.

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Show resources:

Dr. Karuna Ramanadan’s email – mailto:karuna@krk.sg

Dr. Karuna Ramanadan on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-karuna…

Dr. Karuna Ramanadan’s website – https://krk.sg/

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