In this episode of the “Deep Leadership” podcast, the host welcomes Johanna Pregmark, a renowned expert in change management and organizational transformation. Johanna, who holds a Ph.D. in innovations, transformation, and change, shares her journey from a practitioner to academia and her passion for understanding the dynamics of change within organizations.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Transition from Practice to Academia: Johanna began her career as a management consultant but soon realized that the key to successful change management lay in understanding and harnessing the creative power of people.

  2. Research Focus: Johanna’s research focuses on change, corporate entrepreneurship, and creating efficient organizations capable of adapting rapidly to evolving circumstances.

  3. The Value of Learning from Mistakes: The conversation highlights the importance of allowing room for making mistakes and learning from them, particularly in large organizations balancing efficiency and innovation.

  4. The Significance of Purpose: Both Johanna and the host stress the importance of having a clear and meaningful purpose within organizations, as it helps build trust among employees and the broader community.

This podcast provides valuable insights into the complexities of leading change, the role of academia in bridging theory and practice, and the significance of purpose-driven organizations in today’s dynamic business landscape. Subscribe to “Deep Leadership” for more thought-provoking discussions.

Show resources:

Alive at Work book –

When the Seed Changes the Soil paper –…

Renewing Models for Change paper –

Johanna Pregmark on LinkedIn –…

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