The Future Of Internal Communication

The Institute of Internal Communication is the UK’s only independent professional membership body solely dedicated to internal communication.

Internal communication has been the glue that’s held organisations together since the onset of COVID-19 in 2020. Since the many months of lockdown life, most organisations have adopted some form of hybrid working, which of course requires entirely new approaches to how we optimally communicate at work.

S7, E4: The crucial role of communication in leadership with Jon Rennie

Spending months underwater will inevitably teach you a huge amount about the role of communication in effective teamwork. And this is what this episode’s guest learned during his military career serving as a US Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer.

Ever since, Jon Rennie has been fascinated by leadership communication. With various civilian leadership roles under his belt, today, in addition to his day-job as CEO of Peak Demand Inc, Jon enthusiastically writes, podcasts and keynotes about leadership and leadership communication.

We were keen to hear his ideas and hope you’ll agree this conversation is one of our most thought-provoking episodes yet.

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