Hi everyone, and welcome back to our podcast where we explore various topics related to personal and professional development. In today’s episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Jordan Willshear, a High-Performance Career Coach who focuses on leading millennials. Jordan has a passion for helping millennials worldwide achieve transformative success in their careers and he shared his insights and expertise on this topic with us.

Jordan started off by telling us about his background and journey, which has led him to focus on helping millennials. He highlighted the unique challenges that millennials face in the workplace, including the pressure to make the right career choices in a world with endless options. Jordan also talked about how millennial stress is higher than other generations and how understanding the complexity of an individual can be key to unlocking their full potential.

We then went on to discuss the three-step method Jordan uses to restore balance in his clients’ careers. He emphasized the importance of determining what success means to each individual and how internal and external motivation can play a role in career development. Jordan also shared his insights on building relationships and rapport with employees and how failure can be a valuable asset in career growth.

For lost and frustrated millennials, Jordan offered practical advice on taking control of their own careers, being adaptable, and creating a “memory bank” of past experiences and skills. He also highlighted the importance of having a good support network, both professionally and personally.

In conclusion, this was a truly enlightening episode, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to advance their career or support and develop their team. You can watch the full episode on our YouTube channel by clicking on the link in the show notes.

And now, I’d love to hear from you! What did you take away from this episode? How do you plan on applying Jordan’s insights and advice in your own life or with your team? Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

Show resources:

Jordan Willshear’s website

Jordan Willshear of LinkedIn


Jeremy Clevenger Fitness – https://trainwithjerm.carrd.co/

The Fraternity of Excellence – https://fraternityofexcellence.com/ref/113/

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