In this episode, we had the privilege of speaking with the host of the Don’t Give Up the Ship podcast. Our guest is a retired Master Chief Petty Officer with 21 years of experience in the submarine service. He has now dedicated himself to the professional and leadership development of enlisted sailors and military members through his podcast and online resources.

We started by discussing the guest’s background and how he became interested in leadership development. He shared his experiences and insights on the unique challenges faced by leaders in the Navy and how to overcome them. One of the topics that came up was the process of getting qualified in the Navy and its impact on career development.

Moving on, we talked about the transition from being a doer to a leader. Our guest shared his thoughts on how to make this transition effectively and provided valuable insights for anyone looking to make the same move.

Next, we dive into the Don’t Give Up the Ship podcast and its mission. The guest explained the topics covered in the podcast and his approach to leadership development. He emphasized the importance of developing leadership skills, especially for those in the military.

In conclusion, we had a fantastic conversation with the host of the Don’t Give Up the Ship podcast. We learned about his background, the challenges faced by leaders in the Navy, the process of getting qualified, and the transition from a doer to a leader. The Don’t Give Up the Ship podcast is a great resource for anyone looking to develop their leadership skills, and we highly recommend it.

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