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Discussing Self Aware Leadership with Thinkers from Around the Globe!….. If you are an organisational psychologist, leadership coach, organisational leader, people manager or working in human resources, this podcast will be of interest to you. If you’ve worked in organisations that have positive cultures or suffer from bullying and incivility this podcast will interest you too. If you’re interested in working relationship, the behaviour of individuals and being a better colleague, please listen it. Join me as I talk to some fascinating people about their views on self-awareness, leader effectiveness and leadership at all levels. All guests will share their thoughts on how they define self-awareness and whether they think there is a relationship between self-awareness and leader effectiveness. We’ll also talk about whether they think effective leaders can be found at all levels of organisations and whether leaders at the most strategic level of organisations have greater self-awareness than leaders at other levels of organisations. We’ll finish up by talking about whether effective leaders have more self-awareness than ineffective leaders and share ideas about how to become more self-aware. Join me as we talk through some thought provoking questions, gain some interesting insights, share some eyeopening stories and unearth some controversial opinions!

S2, E1 - Self Aware Leadership with Jon S. Rennie, host of The Deep Leadership Podcast

Jon is the Co-Founder, President & CEO of Peak Demand Inc., a premier manufacturer of critical components for electrical utilities. He is a former U.S. Navy Nuclear Submarine Officer who made seven deployments during the end of the Cold War.

Prior to starting Peak Demand, he led eight manufacturing businesses for three global companies. He is the author of the best-selling leadership books, I Have the Watch: Becoming a Leader Worth Following and All in the Same Boat: Lead Your Organization Like a Nuclear Submariner and is the host of the Deep Leadership podcast.

The most important lesson he’s learned in the past 30 years is that leadership matters. Leadership can make a significant difference in the performance of any organization. He shares his thoughts and insights on business and leadership with the desire to create better leaders. His hope is that his work inspires you to look at leadership in a new light.

You Have the Watch: A Guided Journal to Become a Leader Worth Following
All in the Same Boat: Lead Your Organization Like a Nuclear Submariner
I Have the Watch: Becoming a Leader Worth Following
I have the watch book

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