FORGED BY TRUST with Robin Dreeke

FORGING TRUST is an essential skill for engaging and building an innovative culture, but we aren’t as effective as we want or need to be. Therefore, tune into the FORGED BY TRUST Podcast to master the behavior skills and communication techniques required for exceptional leadership, partnerships, and success. Join me as I chat with thought leaders and innovators about how they built teams, partnerships, and their exceptional leadership talents by FORGING TRUST. Learn the communication skills to build authentic CONNECTIONS, built upon a foundation of TRUST from a global behavioral expert, master spy recruiter, and my amazing guests. Stop guessing, settling for less than you are capable of and learn how to master the communication skills you need to move beyond transactional relationships and into mutually beneficial collaboration and partnerships for every aspect of your life, whether you are a student, entrepreneur, C-suite executive, or parent. Forging TRUST is the key to unlocking your potential.

Earn Your Oxygen w/ Jon Rennie

🤔 Leading a crew on a Submarine requires the topmost technical skills to accomplish the mission and survive. But, the greatest challenge is leading a team who consider you a “Non-Useful Person” (NUB).   Therefore, tune into this episode and discover Jon’s Secret to Success and how he learned how to “Earn His Oxygen.”

🌟 What We Discuss with Jon:

👉 ⁃       Secret to success

👉 ⁃       Earning Your Oxygen

👉 ⁃       Discovering Your North Star

Speaking of leadership, our guest for today’s episode is somebody who has demonstrated what it means to lead people the best way. Jon Rennie served as a Naval Officer on Nuclear Submarines during the Cold War and has been leading the industrial business for over 20 years. At present, Jon is a business leader, author, and speaker. He is the Co-Founder, President & CEO of Peak Demand Inc., a global manufacturer of products for electric utilities. Being passionate about leadership and employee engagement, Jon has written several books which continue to inspire people to take action and be the best leader that every organization needs.

You Have the Watch: A Guided Journal to Become a Leader Worth Following
All in the Same Boat: Lead Your Organization Like a Nuclear Submariner
I Have the Watch: Becoming a Leader Worth Following
I have the watch book

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