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Hi! I am Mads Singers, your podcast host, People Management Coach, and Consultant.
My management philosophy is based on a simple and unique premise:
Treat everyone as an individual and put the right individuals into the right box.
Doing this makes the rest of the management process that much easier.
Get better results by learning the “hacks” from the best and learn actionable steps to apply to your business and personal life!
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How Mission-Driven Leadership Achieve Faster Growth

Jon Rennie, a business owner, author, and former naval officer joins us in today’s episode. Jon’s former submariner experience brings in unheard-of leadership principles and found the basic underlying principles for success at sea can lead to high-performing teams on land.

Jon’s mission-driven leadership leads others to accomplish the mission by relying entirely on the actions of his fellow employees. He fundamentally believes mission-driven leadership means that there is shared responsibility as well as shared vulnerability. Hence, regardless of rank or experience, every employee is vitally important.

Tune in ’til the very end and learn how you can create an environment where all of your team members can build on the strengths of each member and how you can get your team working toward the same goal!

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

How can you successfully lead and unify your team on a singular mission;

Why leaders are not special in any form of management;

Learn how to transform your team into a cohesive group; and

BONUS TRICK: How you can bridge the gap between your departments

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