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From a certain perspective, you can consider Thought Leadership Studio an ongoing workshop in positive mass influence. The always-evolving method called the Thaut Process of Strategic Thought Leadership draws from NLP, Systems Thinking, Game Theory and Mythic Archetypes (as per Jungian Psychology).

That’s not all the podcast is, though, so read along for what else.

In the podcast, I aim to help the listener access their creative inspiration and harness it to design Strategic Thought Leadership that empowers their audiences, prospects, customers, and followers with high-level influence and learning.

Interview with Bestselling Leadership Author, Speaker, and Podcaster Jon Rennie

 Episode 26- The Deep Dive Into How Being a Submarine Commander Informs Leadership with Author and Leadership Guru Jon Rennie

What this episode will do for you
Take a Deep Dive into leadership lessons from leadership guru and former submarine commander Jon S. Rennie.
Learn Jon’s perspective on combining the theorist and the practitioner points of view.
Gain insights into the value of team members working in unison from a shared base of information.

You Have the Watch: A Guided Journal to Become a Leader Worth Following
All in the Same Boat: Lead Your Organization Like a Nuclear Submariner
I Have the Watch: Becoming a Leader Worth Following
I have the watch book

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