The best ideas come from outside your industry. Well, today’s episode is a perfect example of that. My guests are Jerold (Jerry) Zimmerman & Daniel Forrester. They looked way outside their industry for inspiration. They studied the business practices of criminal enterprises. The wanted to learn how the American Mafia, the Sinaloa Cartel, Hells Angels, as well as the Crips and the Bloods could be so successful for so many years. Their research led to a book called Relentless: The Forensics of Mobsters’ Business Practices. Jerry & Daniel combine seventy-five years of Nobel Prize-winning economics research – with insights from criminal prosecutors – to examine how criminal syndicates continue to survive and thrive for decades –  despite billions of dollars of law enforcement opposition. They have analyzed the leadership principles of criminal organizations and uncovered enduring lessons that every organization needs to adopt.  This is a very interesting show. 

Relentless: The Forensics of Mobsters’ Business Practices book

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All in the Same Boat: Lead Your Organization Like a Nuclear Submariner

I have the watch book
I Have the Watch: Becoming a Leader Worth Following

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