Leadership Coaching


“Jon knows how to get a team together and make things happen.” Cary G.

“I would recommend him for any company who is looking to move in a positive direction.” Sharon  P.

“I would hire him again!” Jeff H.

“He delivers positive results.” Joe B.

“He is by far the best leader I have ever worked with.” George G.

Take your Business or Career to the Next Level

The definition of a coach is “one who instructs or trains.”

If you’re a an entrepreneur, leader, or business owner, think of yourself as a professional athlete. If you want to get to the top of your game, you need a coach, someone who has been in the game and reached the highest levels.

Professional athletes hire coaches to give them an advantage over the competition. They look for people who have deep experience in winning.

Jon has led teams for nearly 30 years the military, corporate America, and his own manufacturing start-up company. He has led 9 different businesses for 4 companies. 

He understands that business leaders need someone in their corner. Someone who will advise them, help them make tough business decisions, and guide them through difficult challenges.

No professional athlete ever wins alone.

Put an experienced, professional coach in your corner today.

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