Why Entrepreneurs Love when Big Companies Don’t Care

The world was shocked to see a viral video of a paying customer being dragged from a United Airlines flight. It was unthinkable to believe a big company could treat a customer that way. You know who wasn’t surprised? Business travelers. Those of us who travel frequently have been dealing with delayed flights, shrinking seats,... Continue Reading →

The Man in the Arena – 107 Years Later

107 years ago today, Theodore Roosevelt delivered a speech called "Citizenship In A Republic" at the Sorbonne, in Paris, France. In that speech, he included a section known as "The Man in the Arena." To this day, it remains my favorite Roosevelt speech because it reminds me of my time in the military and the years I... Continue Reading →

Six Reasons You Need to Hire a Veteran Today

Hiring is tough. Finding the right person who will make a great employee is one of the hardest jobs we do as leaders. We are searching for that rare individual who will come into our organization and make a difference quickly. If only there was an easier way. If only there was a pool of potential employees... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Middle Management

So, you’ve finally made it to middle management. You’ve arrived at that magical place where you are responsible and accountable for the performance of a team but you still have limited authority and influence in your organization. Welcome to the Danger Zone! Why is it so dangerous? Because, if you are not careful, this is... Continue Reading →

A leader is best when people barely know he exists

  This is one of my favorite leadership quotes. The idea that a team would be so intrinsically motivated to complete a goal they forget where the objective actually came from.  To build and motivate a team to this level is difficult. To me, this is the definition of true leadership. What do you think?

10 Leadership Lessons I Learned Living on a Nuclear Submarine

My first job out of college was my dream job. I served as a Naval Officer on a nuclear submarine, the USS Tennessee. In five years, I earned my “dolphins” (qualified submarine officer) and was certified as a naval nuclear engineer. I made seven deployments and spent around 540 days underwater. Yes, that’s a year and a half under... Continue Reading →

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Taking a Leadership Job

  There is a crisis in America. There is a shortage of good leaders and it seems to be getting worse. The problem, as Susan Cain points out, is people are choosing leadership for the wrong reasons. "Great leaders don't set out to be a leader... they set out to make a difference” ~ Lisa... Continue Reading →

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