Over-engaged Leaders Produce Disengaged Teams

Take a look at this great article from Dan Rockwell.

Dan shows that some leaders have a tendency to get too involved in every business decision.  These “over-engaged” leaders can’t resist jumping on every problem like a squirrel on a nut. Employees in these companies get used to the leader being the center of authority. Dan argues this can create disengaged teams.

In my experience, this seems to be a problem for start-up companies where the founder has a hard time letting go of the day-to-day decisions.  This is likely why so many companies have a hard time getting beyond the small company status.

What do you think?  How can leaders step back and let others make decisions without making it seem like they don’t care?

Over-engaged leaders work way too hard. Over-engaged leaders produce disengaged teams. Work to make space for others, if you’re an over-engaged leader. Over-engaged leaders: Love check lists. Don’t dive into problem-solving without exploring why it matters. Over-engaged leaders can’t resist quickly solving problems like squirrels can’t resist nuts. Lack curiosity. Curiosity dies when quick minded […]

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