The One Job Nobody Wants (And Why You Should Take It)

Everybody wants to be the boss. They want to be in charge. They want the corner office, the assistant, the parking spot, the title, the salary and all the trappings that go along with being in charge. That is, of course, if everything is going well. Nobody wants to be the leader when things are going... Continue Reading →

The Secret to Building an Unstoppable Team

Have you ever noticed that there are some teams who just know how to win? Companies that outpace their rivals, sports teams that dominate their competition, or military units that seem to do the impossible. There is something special about these teams that make them unstoppable. “Do your job” - Bill Belichick Consider the New... Continue Reading →

Over-engaged Leaders Produce Disengaged Teams

Take a look at this great article from Dan Rockwell. Dan shows that some leaders have a tendency to get too involved in every business decision.  These "over-engaged" leaders can’t resist jumping on every problem like a squirrel on a nut. Employees in these companies get used to the leader being the center of authority.... Continue Reading →

The One Trait Your CEO Wants You to Have

I’ve received many compliments over the years in my work life, but the one I have the hardest time accepting is when someone says I’m smart. People look at my credentials, like the fact that I’m a nuclear engineer, I’ve led nine different manufacturing businesses, or that I studied at Cambridge University, and assume that it... Continue Reading →

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