The Joy of Middle Management

So you’ve finally made it to middle management. You’ve arrived at that magical place where you are responsible and accountable for the performance of a team but you still have limited authority and influence in your organization. Welcome to the Danger Zone! Why is it so dangerous? Because, if you are not careful, this is... Continue Reading →

Is it Time for the Introverted Leader?

  What type of individual makes a great leader? The answer to that question is likely to cause a debate in any social circle. The truth is, leaders are people and people come in all shapes and sizes. Most people think of the stereotypical leader as someone who is confident, charismatic, outgoing, and larger-than-life; but... Continue Reading →

10 Step Guide to Lead your Team into the New Year

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll wind up somewhere else. – Yogi Berra It’s a new year and a fresh start for you and your team. It’s also one of the most important times for you as a leader. While it’s fun reminiscing about 2014, it’s critical that you quickly align your leadership... Continue Reading →

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