3 Reasons why Engineers make the Best CEOs

  When you look to develop the leadership talent in your organization, where do you go? Many companies look to sales, marketing, finance, or operations to find their next leaders. According to the latest research though, they may be looking in the wrong direction. Harvard Business Review (HBR) just released their list of the Best-Performing CEOs... Continue Reading →

Don’t Underestimate the Emotional Power of your Brand

Three years ago, I had a sales experience that was a real wake up call. After providing a compelling argument to a prospective customer about our company’s latest product, showing how it was clearly superior to the competitor’s offering in every way, our team was flatly shut down by the client. He told us that,... Continue Reading →

5 Lessons from the Shop Floor

“I know the last few days have been difficult for us all, but I want to be clear that nothing takes away from the huge amount of passion and expertise that I know exists in this business, or from what I believe we can build in the future.” E-mail to employees from Tesco CEO Dave Lewis... Continue Reading →

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